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Florida Real Estate Contracts

Contract Knowledge Buying a home, you are entering into a legally binding contract that must be clearly understood both in terms of rights and obligations. Today’s real estate contracts are quite lengthy. Agents are trained to understand and explain the contract along with the reports that are involved in a real estate transaction. Have your agent give you a sample contract to read over prior to you making your first offer. Get explanations to areas you don’t understand. This will…

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Holding Title on Boca Raton Real Estate

Five Methods of Holding Title: Tenancy in Common Sole Ownership Community Property Joint Tenancy Community Property with Right of Survivorship Tenancy in Common The following are definitions of common vesting as an informational overview. Consumers should not rely on these as legal definitions. We urge you to carefully consider your titling decision prior to closing, and to seek counsel to obtain the most suitable ownership choice for your particular situation. Sole Ownership Sole ownership may be described as ownership by…

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