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Buying Florida Real Estate

Things to Consider Planning to move out of the area in a couple of years? If so you may be better off not buying a home now. The cost of selling a house generally falls in a range of 7% 8% of the sale price which may be more than the appreciation of the house. Check out this Rent vs. Buying web site to compare the advantages of each. Thinking about changing jobs? It might be best to wait until…

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Credit Reports and FICO Scores

Good FICO Scores = Best Loan Rates FICO scores (credit score) are what the vast majority of American mortgage lenders use to evaluate home loan applicants’ creditworthiness. The scores are based on a number of factors that analyze the electronic credit files maintained on virtually all adults in the U.S. The scores range from the 300s to around 850, with higher scores indicating lower risk. Many lenders reserve their most favorable quotes of rates and fees for applicants in the…

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