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Well all know how convenient life is in the modern cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi etc. It really is great, all the supermarkets, movie theatres, shopping malls are only a few blocks away, no matter where you live, and if you ever get bored, you can always choose to go to any nearby restaurant, cafe, pub or a discotheque. But then, nothing is perfect and nor is the life in these cities. The clock is always ticking, too many things happening, and competition at every step. Unless you are hyperactive or a workaholic at core, chances are that every now and then you’ll end up stressing too much, which will make you consider shifting to an environment which is peaceful. A place like your native village, where, amongst the lush green trees of nature, you breath fresh air and relax your mind. But then, life in any village isn’t exactly modern, so that thought doesn’t last long.

But there are cities, where life is modern and yet not too fast to bring out stress. A city like Pune, which though modern, is only a few miles away from soothing cities like Lonavla, Khandala etc. For a person, for whom the hustle bustle of a metropolitan is too much, cities like Pune are the ideal locations.

But if you aren’t already a resident of Pune, there are high chances of you not knowing, which areas in the city are better than the others, and where you can find the best affordable flats in Pune. Well in the olden times, you had to was visit the city around ten times, then give frequent new flats in Punevisits to the real estate broker, then end up buying an expensive suggested by the broker, only to realize that the flat isn’t necessarily what you wanted. After a couple of years, when you end up knowing the city well, you choose to shift to a good location by yourself.

Thankfully, with all the technological advancements and the growing prominence of internet, lives have become much simpler. Today, if you wish to find new residential properties or new projects in Pune , all that you need to do is go to a property search portal like With only a few easy steps, you can find the perfect location that will meet your needs.

First thing you need to do is visit the homepage of, which will look like this:


Then depending on your need, click on Rent, Buy or any other option.

Once you click on the option, you’ll come across:


On this page, you need to fill in the city, no. of rooms you wish to have and the budget which you wish to spend.

After you fill in the above details, within seconds you will be shown a map with all the suitable properties marked according to the location.


On this page you’ll also find a lot features to make the search more user friendly.

  • There is a star on the top of every property listed in the tab on the left side of the page which allows you to ‘favourite’ a property, so that don’t need to find it again
  • Towards the top of the page you will find a ‘More’ button, clicking on it will help you to select some amenities and society facilities that are a must have for you. This will help you to further filter out the search.
  • Below the property list on the left, you have the ability to see all the nearby locations, this in turn helps you find out which ones are prime locations near the flats in Pune

As you see, with, finding the suitable flat in Pune is only a few clicks away. Housing .com also covers 24 other cities, so if you ever wish to buy a flat in any of those cities, is the perfect solution for you.

If you are not looking for a new residential projects in Pune you can also opt to new projects in Gurgaon which is predicted to be the next booming city after Pune and Mumbai in India.